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Custom Kitchens, Bathrooms and Refacing

At Marbel Industries, we can assist you in making your kitchen and bathroom dreams a reality. Whether you want a complete re-design and re-build of your space or just want an updated look for your outdated cabinetry, we can help. We offer three cabinetry services to meet your needs:

 1. Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Cabinet Re-facing
m1250583114This is an excellent alternative for a handy person who can dedicate a few days to a re-facing project. Even if you have never done something like this before, our staff will be happy to provide you with step by step procedure to tackle your project from start to finish. Just call, email or visit us. We will custom make the doors to your sizes and selected styles, recommend a finisher to achieve the look you want and provide the handles / knobs and hardware from our wide selection. You do the rest. If you are handy and willing to invest a couple of weekends in the project, this approach gives you the best bang for your buck.
2. Cabinet Re-facing by One of our Approved Contractors
m78846581Benefit from our industry experience. Over the last 40 years we have built an approved group of contractors who provide reliable, excellent quality work. Let our expertise work for you. From start to finish, our approved contractors will assist you through the re-facing project. They will help you choose door design, colors and hardware. If you decide to change your countertops or other room elements at the same time, our approved contractors can handle those elements as well. Rest easy while they remove existing doors and hardware and replace them with the new styles and finishes of your choice. A contractor installed kitchen or bathroom is hassle free and can be done at a fraction of the cost of designing and installing a new kitchen or bathroom.
3. Complete Custom Re-design and Re-build of your Kitchen or Bathroom
Let us help make your design dreams a reality. Whether you are redoing your bathroom or kitchen we can work with you to custom design and build it to your exacting specifications. Our experienced designers and installers will do a complete design, removal and installation for you. Email, call or visit us and we will arrange an appointment. We are there to ensure that your job is handled in the most professional manner, with your budget and convenience in mind.